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What sets us apart?

We have an excellent customer satisfaction rate.  We stand out especially with our commitment to honesty at all times, providing only excellent workmanship, and using only excellent materials.  We have resources and experience in searching out obscure fabrics and materials.  We sell to the public as well as to upholsterers.


Webbing is the base that holds up the cushion in most chairs and couches.  There exists webbing so poor in quality that it never regains its shape after it's sat on one time!  We ALWAYS use the BEST webbing in all the furniture we work on.  Seat Weight Jute Webbing:  Strong, Flexible, Durable, Comfortable. And we never skimp on webbing- we don't put one or two straps and quit.  We always give you a solid deck to sit on.


Most upholsterers don't use L's but we love them.  We're known to put up to 12 steel L's on each chair of a set of six dining room chairs!  They work great for reinforcing weak frame materials and poor construction designs.


Almost all upholsterers use foam.  Foam expires!  It wears out, even if it never gets sat on.  The most common kind of foam used in upholstery is the same dirty old foam the customer brought it to the shop with!  This was the cause of many a bitter day for me when working for other people.  When old foam comes to Master Worker, we gleefully throw it directly in the GARBAGE.


What do you see in this photo?  We see a chair that is ready to be upholstered.  All the old fabric, foam, and webbing are in the garbage.  All that's left to be reused is the wood frame and the metal springs in the bag on the floor.  We feel that it makes no sense to pay hundreds of dollars to sit in a dirty chair!  We've seen plenty of chairs and sofas with three, even four layers of grimey fabric, with the original ancient foam inside. Sometimes being clean is dirty work!


This picture is a safety nightmare we found.  It's the base of the driver's seat from an SUV that was in a serious crash.  The bolts all ripped out of the base and the seat was reattached using hose clamps, wire, and a beat-up chunk of wood!  The present owner would never have known without getting into an accident herself. We had the frame welded in various places and all four anchoring bolts welded in and reinforced to make the seat safe again.  Safety issues are not necessarily noticeable until the upholstery is stripped off.  That is the appropriate time to address problems like these.  So we do.

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