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Whether you have a forklift in desperate need of repair or a "perfect, but wrong color" armchair,

we're your upholsterers from this day on. 


We're committed to honesty at all times, providing only excellent workmanship,

and using only excellent materials. We know our reputation depends on your reference.   Call us today!

SENATI trained upholstery


Senati is a well-known and respected German-run trade and technology school in Peru.  Their 3 year course in all aspects of upholstery and furniture-making has made us a unique company.  Unlike most upholsterers who have learned assembly-line style "on the job" from someone who also learned on the job, we have the flexibility of being trained in both the elegant and the heavy-duty from start to finish.  We understand the materials, and we know the methods. 

We also have the advantage of having worked with large quantity orders for years.  Do you need 2,000 seats?  Great!  We want to upholster them.  And they'll be delivered exactly as you ordered, if not better than what you expected. 


If you have 2 kitchen chairs, also great!  They'll return to you much cleaner and way more beautiful.

Our team is made up of upholsterers with many years of experience and we treat everybody well. We are fully capable of reupholstering your equipment and furniture, and we'll recommend high quality vinyls, leathers, and upholstery grade fabrics that will last.  We ALWAYS use the BEST webbing on the market to provide both comfort and durability.  We always use high quality foam.  We always go the extra mile.  And we keep our overhead low to be able to charge reasonable prices. 

We're interested in repeat customers and good recommendations.


We've upholstered NJTransit trains, giant tractors, trashed forklifts, classy sports cars, and much more.  We have access to mold-resistant vinyls for marine use and flame resistant leathers and carpet for airplanes.  We'll replace your sagging headliner with a brand new one (it's the only way to fix the problem.  Call us if you want to know why.)  We'll replace your ripped, stained auto carpet, whether your car is from 2013 or 1911.  We'll weld your broken pickup truck seat and replace the springs that broke 10 years ago.  You'll be amazed at how well you can see when you get out of the back-twisting hole you've been sitting in!  Or did you just buy your car with 35, 000 miles, but it has cigarette burns in the seats?  We'll get you the original fabric, or come choose one you like more!  We'll reupholster your seats!  Whatever project you've been wondering how much it would cost, give us a ring.  It will cost less with us, and we'll do a great job.  Because we want your recommendation!


FINE HOME FURNISHINGS/ Chemically Sensitive

From tufted headboards to simple window seat cushions, we will renew all the places you love to rest.    Your loose rocker will be disassembled, glued, reinforced, and upholstered better than it ever has been since you've owned it.  And we can actually remove the cover of your micro fabric sofa, wash it multiple times, and reinstall it!  We've seen drywall compound, candy, animal hair, and many mysterious stains disappear with this method - AFTER the owner paid another company to professionally clean it.  Pieces of your favorite leather chair are badly worn and the rest is in great shape?  We'll replace the pieces for you.  Call your friendly neighborhood upholsterer, MASTER WORKER!



You're close to our heart.  We would feel privileged to help you acquire furniture you can be in the same room with, even enjoy sitting on.  Furniture that is thoroughly cleanable, that has dustmite encasings inside, organic cotton, sealed on the bottom against spiders,

tell us what you need. 

We can help.

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